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Customer Centricity, Analytics, & Community Banks

Customer centricity is the idea that banks should focus on the needs of their customers to achieve sustainable, valuable relationships. Using ideas developed by Wharton marketing researcher Peter Fader, this WiBinar will discuss how to develop performance metrics, product development, customer relationship management, and company culture to focus on the needs of the bank’s valued customers and increase long-term profits. The session will also cover why community banks are particularly well-suited to this approach. Finally, the presentation will use examples from different industries to illustrate how analytics can enhance these efforts.

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Western Bankers Association

As a result of an exciting merger finalized on January 1, 2018, the Western Bankers Association (WBA) is now the primary association operating two divisions: California Bankers Association (CBA) and Western Independent Bankers (WIB). CBA will oversee all California and federal legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts, while WIB will oversee all conferences and professional development programs. Members of the respective associations will now be members of WBA.

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